Facilitation & Training

Facilitators fill an impartial role in helping groups become more effective, acting as process guides to create a balance between participation and results.

The best facilitators are skilful communicators and organisers with strong expertise in group dynamics. They're flexible, responsive and aware, can use a range of different techniques and interventions, and immediately sense if a change of approach is needed.

International Link facilitators know when to intervene or take control, listening to one participant yet paying attention to the whole, managing the group's time and energy, resolving conflict, achieving a shift in thinking, gaining commitment and always maintaining clarity about outcomes.

Our facilitators are highly experienced in achieving outcomes in a wide range of meetings, events and interventions including:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Team Building and Relationship Management
  • Engagement and Dialogue
International Link offers individual solutions for your needs. If you need a speaker at a conference, someone to facilitate your workshops, training, or even help build your team, we can help you.

We also offer a range of workshop, training and facilitation services and can tailor workshops to your needs. With many years working with large organizations, designing and delivering workshops and team-building activities, the following list is just a sample of most frequently requested services:

  • Business planning
  • Communication skills for managers
  • Presentation skills for managers  
  • Team reviews  
  • Change workshops for managers and employees
  • Annual objective setting or your new business plan development
  • Plus many more.
With years of experience in business communication we can tailor effective workshops that support your outcomes. Click here to read more about our facilitators.