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2010 Writing Workshop Schedule

Have you ever thought you’d like to write about your life, or express yourself through creative writing?

Do you want to know the tricks to writing a powerful short-story, or a book, about events in your life or ideas which fire your imagination?

Join a small group of like-minded people for a series of creative and life writing workshops. Explore aspects of your life and your imagination, learn techniques for tapping into memory and creativity, practice new writing tips and so much more.

This creative and life writing program will answer questions and encourage you to start writing today. In a relaxed and comfortable environment, with easy to understand and down-to-earth style, this program is suitable for all ages and all levels.

Course Presenter: Edith Hurt, life-long wide reader and writer, facilitates writing workshops which help beginners explore their creative side, journal-writers move into memoir writing, and everyone to fire their imagination with engaging fiction.

Stage One: Getting Started Overview
Stage Two: Your Writing Project Overview


“Because business writing is a very large part of what I do for a living, I’d lost touch with the joy creative and journal writing could bring and how therapeutic these pursuits can be. Edith Hurt’s Creative and Life Writing workshops reintroduced me to this joy and have even paved the way for me to start writing my own story.  As Edith’s pitch suggests, these workshops are populated by a small number of like-minded people who love the written word and come together in the spirit of creativity, personal expression and most of all, trust.  The workshop was a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience from which I’ve been the beneficiary of a great many things, not the least of which is the motivation to ‘just get on with it’. Thank you, Edith.” Jenny McDonald, Director, Epiphany Communication

“Thanks for allowing me to participate in this worthwhile workshop. Apart from enjoying the convivial atmosphere with intelligent people, I did learn a lot about writing techniques.” Claire Mullane, Freshwater.
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