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Balibo: A New Perspective on my 2004 Visit to East Timor
Edith Hurt

Upon seeing the movie "Balibo" recently, I was reminded of my visit to East Timor in 2004. The following article was published in Pacific Waves 2004, the quarterly magazine from The Institute of Cultural Affairs. I had visited East Timor for the dedication of a building to my late father, Mike Chapman. Mike had worked in East Timor for two years (2002-2003) in a voluntary capacity for the Ryder Cheshire Foundation, initially as handyman, and later as home manager of a hospice, "Klibur Domin". He died of a heart attack only six weeks after his return to Australia. The people of Klibur Domin built a "quiet house" in his honour and family members were invited to attend the dedication ceremony.
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How Does Nutrition Drive Mental Health?
J. Wall

How exactly does nutrition and mental health go together? What effect does the food we eat have on our mental well being? Can we make some changes that will positively influence our brains and the state we find ourselves in? Absolutely. The foods we eat can greatly affect the body and its systems. The types of nutrients (or the lack of them) determines how our body and mind operates. If you find yourself dealing with anxiety, depression and other mental issues making some adjustments in your diet may help.
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Eight Tips for Motivating Younger Staff in Times of Stress
Jenny McDonald

Jenny is mentoring staff at a large PR firm and these were her tips for October.