About Me

I am a senior business advisor / consultant with considerable depth and breadth of experience in a range of industries and roles, including insurance/financial services, health, training & development and import/export industries. I provide skills in consulting, change management, operational management, project management, program management and program office management.

I use coaching and facilitation skills as a means of enabling others to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. I believe in solid practical knowledge with a focus on balancing outcomes with the human factor is applied in meeting clients’ needs. Key strength and strategic benefit to clients is in supporting those in challenging management roles in the face of daily change and aggressive performance targets, while helping to engender a positive working culture and developing techniques for achieving work/life balance. I also have a strong belief in the values of courage, optimism, determination, integrity and self belief, which are applied in developing managers’ “soft” skills and increasing their awareness of leadership qualities, political savvy and practical change management techniques. I help you apply processes to facilitate achievement of personal, professional & organisational goals include creation of “communities of practice”.

Often working as a part-time team member in the client’s organization, I assist in the implementation of practical business projects, such as setting up OH&S committees, implementing customer contact databases, or conducting risk management and compliance assessments, then guiding the hand-on actions which result from these activities. My preferred engagement is on an “advice and guidance” or ad-hoc assistance basis. This can include external mentoring, high-level project advice and/or ongoing occasional consultancy, with an emphasis on cross-skilling and up-skilling senior managers and their direct reports. Involvement in teams as facilitator of team building or planning sessions provides practical assistance to many clients.


A Brief Summary of Key Skills and Experience

  • Strong strategic vision and implementation planning capability, including problem/opportunity identification and clarification; participation and influence at all levels of the organization; supporting change leaders through mentoring and peer support programs;
  • Influencing and stakeholder management using sophisticated communication and engagement skills to reach consensus; strong leadership by example, working with key personnel, developing action plans for business delivery, while helping staff with their own performance plan achievement;
  • Effective standard practices implementations for HR, OH&S, business initiatives, project prioritization, project and systems development delivery;
  • Implementing and supporting HR processes, including high performance team selection, leadership and retention; coach, trainer and facilitator, one on one, small and large groups on a range of business, presentation and life skills.
  • Accredited Workplace Trainer and conference speaker with beyondblue, the national depression initiative (ING, BT, NSW State Library, Mercer HR, other)
  • RegPM Level 6 - Master Project Director (MPD) accreditation with Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
  • Advanced Diploma of Project Management (GILD) 2001
  • RegPM Level 6 - Master Project Director (MPD) accreditation with Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) 2001
  • Diploma of Management (Deakin University) 2002
  • Executive Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching (UTS) 2010
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Services (Charles Sturt University) 2011
  • Master of Social Policy and Planning (commencing 2012, concluding 2013)